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Auf dem Trans Canada Highway unterwegs

Juli 2022 /

Wie erwartet, fahren wir auf langen Geraden durch die unendlichen Weiten von Ontario und Manitoba. Allerdings unerwartet, schwitzen wir bei Temperaturen gegen 30°C. Da wir Anfang August in Alaska ankommen möchten (am Besten noch vor Wintereinbruch), legen wir ein paar Kilometer auf dem Highway zurück.

As anticipated, we are crossing the endless (for Swiss people) flats of Ontario and Manitoba on long straight stretches. Unexpectetly however, we are sweating in temperatures close to 30°C. As we would like to reach Alaska (preferably before winter returns), we cover some kilometers on the highway.


  • By Pamela Schultz
    Posted 24. Juli 2022 at 21:43

    We saw your truck in Lloydminster – welcome to our city, what an amazing journey you are on!

    • By Widmers
      Posted 26. Juli 2022 at 2:28

      Hey Pamela, thank you so much for your warm welcome!
      (We’ll do english translations within our posts from now on, in case you would like to follow)
      Carmen and Marcel

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